The Soaps in my Shower.

This one time one of my best friends just happened to be in my bathroom. We had been friends for four years at this point. Her eyes got big and she said, “Why do you have so many soaps?!” At the time I thought it was a weird comment. Doesn’t everyone have this many soaps, … Continue reading The Soaps in my Shower.


OH MY GOSH PEOPLE. Stop living your life like you still have your parents telling you no! You are ADULT! The word adulting has such a negative connotation. Paying bills. Responsibility. Work. HARD tedious work you may not like. Making choices. Cleaning. Cleaning... BUT FOR REAL. When we were kids ALL we wanted to … Continue reading GROW UP ALREADY

Hell Yea.

My card was denied at Meijer today. It triggered that whole “you are not good enough” vibe. Two people were waiting behind me. The cashier had to call two managers over. The baby was crying because she had just woken up after sleeping in the carrier most of the shopping trip. I called my husband … Continue reading Hell Yea.

What About Us?

I just ran across an Instagram post where a Foster Parent with an newborn placement used a cute photo with a half heartedly placed sticker over baby’s face to offer a discount on her online store. News flash Carol. You can still see most of the baby's face. Even my partially blind grandma would be … Continue reading What About Us?