It’s bigger on the inside.

I am LOVING these little encouragements. The mother of a man I went to youth group with way back in high school recently gave me this tiny, but thick book filled with simple quotes, phrases and encouragements. I’ve since cut up the book (it took an hour with a blade and a photo trimmer) and just have them laying around.

Today this is my reminder that so fittingly couples with the podcast by Lisa J Baker called Out of the Ordinary that I am listening to.

Little by little.

I have always had a DEEP longing to be a warrior for my tribe. It’s been part of me for as long as I can remember. As a young adult I was told during a worship session that I was an “Esther.” A woman fighting for her people. It’s been 17 years since that prophecy and little by little the Lord has answered my question of, “But God… who ARE my people?!”

Finding out who my people are has been a painful, excruciating 17 year long journey. Second only to the pain that originally caused them to become my people.

Now I am living little. Literally. I live in a single wide trailer. I have prayed for more, but God has given me little. Yet this little holds so many prayers come true. A husband whom my soul abounds for. Three children we were told we wound never have. One foster baby whom the Lord gave me dreams about three years ago. Two cats, one dog and I have a feeling one more pup will join us soon.

My little may look little, but it’s the culmination of the biggest blessings.

Big things rarely happen. It’s living in the little by little daily grind that our biggest blessings are discovered.

Don’t forget to count your little blessings today. They probably look bigger than they usually appear. My trailer may look little but, “it’s bigger in the inside.” ♥️

* All those tubs were full of things that did NOT make it into our 900 sq. ft. From our 2,400. Sq. ft.

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