Chalk and Criticism.

Parents, let's not mistake critical peer criticism for bullying. This morning my kids were coloring on their new chalk wall. They decided to collaborate and make a seascape. They divided the wall up into three sections so they each had their own place. I watched them collaborate, share ideas, encourage one and other and share … Continue reading Chalk and Criticism.

Oh My Heart.

I promised many of you that I would update you after this morning's Cardiology appointment. Not so great news first: I do really have Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation as well as Tachycardia. (Sometimes people can get heart flutters from things like drinking too much coffee and it's not really A-Fib.) I had an echo cardiogram today … Continue reading Oh My Heart.

This is not my home.

This isn’t my childhood home. Some people are used to moving and while we did when I was young, I spent 27 years with my parents in one house. We built it. My brother was on the construction team. I watched it grow from a hill to a home. I remember the day my parents … Continue reading This is not my home.