When we thought everything was supposed to be getting better, everything went wrong. We scrambled to fix and mend and find explanations, but nothing was working and our love was dying. Like flower petals that turn inward, shrivel and eventually collapse because the root has died. Our roots had died, and our marriage was showing … Continue reading #LeastQualified

Chalk and Criticism.

Parents, let's not mistake critical peer criticism for bullying. This morning my kids were coloring on their new chalk wall. They decided to collaborate and make a seascape. They divided the wall up into three sections so they each had their own place. I watched them collaborate, share ideas, encourage one and other and share … Continue reading Chalk and Criticism.

Oh My Heart.

I promised many of you that I would update you after this morning's Cardiology appointment. Not so great news first: I do really have Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation as well as Tachycardia. (Sometimes people can get heart flutters from things like drinking too much coffee and it's not really A-Fib.) I had an echo cardiogram today … Continue reading Oh My Heart.