Take me to Church

We quit church. We didn't set out to quit church. It just sort of happened. We've done it before and we take some time and we try again. But through no fault of anyone's we always find ourselves here. Maybe it's summer's fault. It started because our marriage got wounded and that wound exposed already … Continue reading Take me to Church

PHD of Existence

Just how deep does an adoptee's need to justify their existence in the world run? Well. I am currently putting off writing a book to spend over $20,000 a degree that will justify my writing that book. There is not a day that goes by that I don't question my very "being here." There are … Continue reading PHD of Existence

Rejected verses Chosen

I am supposed to be writing a paper on Erikson, Human Development and how it impacts me. Instead the prompts for my paper have me introspecting. Looking at Erikson's stages and which side of the word "verses" I came out on has me digging up pre-natal wounds I was unable to express and came out … Continue reading Rejected verses Chosen