The Chinook

We have a foolish way about our senses. They can see, smell, hear, taste something that makes the observation clear; yet we are so inflexible in our opinions. Take for example the weather. It is August 30 today. The Chinook winds blew two weeks ago bringing the cold air with them. I was outside when … Continue reading The Chinook

Of Miracles and Men.

Here’s the thing…   Now when I start a post with “here’s the thing” you know I’m about to say something I’ve been thinking about for a while.   Here’s the thing.   There are going to be times in your life that you make decisions that seem wildly inappropriate or obscenely stupid. They won’t … Continue reading Of Miracles and Men.

Storms and Swords

I was driving the baby to day care this morning. The drive from EJ to Boyne was beautiful this morning with the fog and mist laying low among the trees. The world was filtered with a blue-ash haze that always reminds me of mornings on Walloon that I took for granted my whole life. The … Continue reading Storms and Swords