I woke up this morning and was granted the treasure of being able to have the morning to myself. So, in order to fully suck the last moments of the ability to be outside without being covered and wrapped in insulation paraphernalia, I took my coffee and devotions outside.

The sun rises towards the elemnetary school so I turned my folding chair facing the rising sun. I watched as the light begin to dance above the rooftops and scatter among the leaves that are changing colors. It made a million prisms in the leftover rain from last night and the heavy dew fresh on the tips of the grass and fallen leaves.

The trickling drops of water made tapping noises as it tiptoed from one leaf to another finally making it’s way onto the ground.

I was sipping from my hot mug, which is a gift. Hot coffee only comes on days like this when my husband offers to take the kids to school on his way to an appointment or meeting and I am left to soak in the freshness of the mornings I used to hate so much.

I wallowed in Oswald Chambers and felt his words span a century to my old soul. I listened to the chatter of the children arriving at school and listened to the morning birds call back to them in reply.

And as I sat and watched I began to notice more and more detail as if I was studying a painting. The different colors in the tree bark. How the water sounds different dripping on leaves than on pine needles. I watched our resident Blue Jay couple land on their usual branch and help each other bath in the morning dew rubbing their faces together and touching peaks.
And as I dug deeper into the picture of this morning,  I noticed shreds of spider web whisping about in the breeze. The trail began on the chair I sat in and jumped and swooped to the next three chairs. Then it continued from the chairs to the porch beams and into the bushes. Curious, I got on my shoes and followed the strings all the way down my sidewalk and into the row of pine trees next to our home.

The air and the trees were covered with thin spider trails where they clearly spent the night swinging from tree to tree. The branches were sprinkled with webs crafted in the dead of night and abandoned this morning as the spiders slept off their midnight crafting hangovers.


All that was left for me to discover were hundreds of spider webs and strings garnishing my surroundings like a gift. The spiders had left me a gift.

I could hear them whispering to me as I walked through our path and on the sidewalk, “Look! Look what we have made for you!” Their little tiny chitters to my sould as I insected and awed at each work of art dazzling in the sun rays. Little drops of dew dripping from them onto my face.


Hundreds of natural dream catchers shileding my home. From what? I don’t know. I know that spider webs mean creativity and order. I know Spiders are connected with words. I know that we are always five feet from a spider. But what made hundreds of spiders converge upon my tiny city lot and cover it in a protective layer of webs?

I am not quite sure, but I know that God uses nature to speak to me. I know that spirituality is so much more complex and intricate that we assume it to be. I know that Adam connected with Animals. I know that Moses moved water and struck rocks. I know that David sat in awe of the moving trees. I know that Jesus’ favorite spots were alone sitting, walking and wandering in nature. I know that the Earth praises God with its movement.

I know that hundreds of little spiders moved on a command to deliver a message… with strings from their butts… just for me.


I am protected.

Go ahead and dream.

Don’t forget to create.


There are times when I question my right and my ability to write. Who am I to have an influence on the world? Who would care to listen? I am Moses standing in front of the burning bush.

This morning may have been for me. Crafted slowly as I slept unaware of the message being prepared.

But what about you? What dreams are you not doing? What words are you not speaking? What is holding you back? What fears are you letting in? Do you not know you are protected? Do you not know you are meant to create?
It may not be with words or strings of webbing that shoot out of your butt, but what is it that God needs to remind you to do today? What calling are you hiding in a desert while you tend sheep because you are scared?

I pray for you today that you have a burning bush moment.
That, if needed, hundreds of spiders will descend onto your property and leave you a message.

What dreams are you going to catch today?










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