Home Court Advantage?

Dear John MacArthur and your outdated, misogynistic boys club:

You told Beth Moore to “go home.”
I’m telling you to sit down.
Sit down in time out and take stock of the strong women that surrounding you. The strong women who have and will show you how to serve as Jesus did. Like God called them to. The God who called Mary the mother of Jesus. The God who called Eve, and Sarah, and Rebekah and Rachel, and Rahab, and Ruth, and Jochebed, and Hannah, and Deborah, and Esther, and Miriam, and Elizabeth, and Martha and all the other Marys (I think God has a thing for Marys…)
You mock the partnership God created when he made man and woman. You mock the very thing God blessed you with made from your very own bones.
For shame.
God has used female prostitutes and divorcées and virgins and the barren and the sick and the loyal and the devoted.
We will not “go home.”
(I mean we might if we want to take a nap.)
What we will do is keep fighting against your misogyny and your bitterness and your mutilated beliefs.
We will not go home.
In fact, I believe what you’ve said will now encourage more women to open their front doors and take the first step outside.
You’ve certainly lit a fire under my own behind.
I’m sorry if you feel intimidated and scared that the white Anglo world you wrapped yourself up in to keep yourself safe from your fears is crumbling.
I’m sorry you fear having to look within and see your own self-doubt and shame.
I’m sorry you are trying to grasp onto control that doesn’t exist.
I’m sorry you fear what is different. Both in skin color and gender.
I’m sorry because you are missing out on so much color and beauty that God himself created.
When I first heard you demean a strong woman of God, I first was angry.
But now I am just sad. Sad for the women in your life. Sad for the men who subdue women in your name. Sad for those women who are subdued. Sad for your heart that missed Jesus’ message completely. Sad that we still have Pharisees in this world. We need more women to step out of their front doors. Not less.


A woman, created in God’s image, and equal to men.

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