It is what it is..

I sometimes think we get so caught up with growth and falling off the wagon of life, that we just sometimes
forget to be who we are.
We work so hard on growing, moving forward, the next right thing…
That we just forget to be who we are.
We work so hard at avoiding triggers, and toxic relationships, and bad habits…
That we just forget to be who we are.

Sometimes we focus so much on functioning out of a healthy space and avoiding the unhealthy that we forget to just sit in our own juices…

To just be.

For a second I thought this was just a enneagram four moment, but then I started thinking of my loved ones and my friends and my spouse and my kids and my best friend and my parents and myself…

How many times these last few weeks have we apologized for being who we are.

God spoke to Abraham and He said, “I am who I am.”
We are created in God’s image and we are to emulate his son Jesus.
Why can’t we just, “Be who we be?”
God is whole and good because He is who He is.
To declare, “I am who I am” to the world is not a sin, nor arrogance, nor egotistical.

It’s emulating our Lord.

“I am who I am.”

I am exactly who God created me to be. I like paint. I like to create. I swear. I am loud. I drink beer. I like loud music. I like to emote. I am a writer. I like to play. I like to scream. I like to be angry. I like color. I like anything made out of wood (especially pencils). I like to be in control and accomplish and check off tasks. I NEED to be able to create a home that feels like shimmying down into warm sheets at night. I like my husband rugged. I like him clean cut too. I need adventure.I REALLY like food. Especially cheese. I need to move constantly. I need one-on-one time with my kids. I love dogs, but can’t handle big dogs in my home right now. I HATE to watch other people’s children, but I will do an errand for you so fast Jimmy John’s will get whiplash.

Just stop. Stop trying so damn hard.

One time one of my best friends ever messaged me after I was all four-ish. I had emotionally vomited to her and my other BFF and she said, “Andrea. Stop trying so hard.”
I swear to God himself I am getting that tattooed on me in her handwriting as soon as this COVID quarantine is over.

*Insert you name* Just stop trying so hard.

God didn’t create someone he wanted to change completely.

Mold? Yes.
Guide? Yes.
Disciple? Yes.
Fish with? Yes. (God really has a thing for fishing… and water. And clay pots….)


Remeber that when God created you… He looked upon you and said,

“It is good.”

Come just as you are.

But preferably with some fishing tackle apparently…
And/Or ready to get your hands all up in some clay Ghost style…

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