Will I?

I’m going out on a limb here… trying something new.
A little blog in the form of verse.

Will I get it right for her?

All this vinegar and fight in this lifelong trial.

Getting people who can’t see past the nose on their face to understand that it’s more than who’s wrong or whose right?

She’s the victim of a country whose systems are so far flung that we can’t sit side by side with those whose faults we hide because it doesn’t make us look good.

Millions of people chastised by the charities that offer a hand down but can break through their own petty politics to offer a hand up.

A hand up and out because they are too busy searching for the clout.

Manipulated statistics printed on oversized manuals that don’t even hit the granules of actual work as they sign the dotted lines of paper trails that suffocate the actual purpose of the act.

Is it enough for her that I wake up each morning and pop a pill or two that allows me to fight?
I want to change the world for her because I’ve lived that life before it landed me here.

In the desert, in the wasteland, in the no-mans-land where I’m expected to run, pick up my sword and fight…

But my body gives way and my heart can’t keep it’s beat straight because the expectation of rythmn was something that was taken away.

Taken away from me on the day that should have been about me but instead I was the game piece moved around to keep society’s peace.

Will I get it right for her? Do I have enough fight for her?

Not just on the battelground, but in the sun and the fun when I’m supposed to be present but the weight of the world just seems to me too unpleasant?

It used to be just make it to the end, but now it’s so much more.
Because for her I’ve had to enter the fight and engage in the fray so for her it won’t be so hard to just live another day.

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