Pharaoh and the Pharisees

Ignoring the unrest in our country due to systematic and industrial oppression magnified by covert racism in order to keep your life comfortable and unchanged doesn’t make you free.
It makes you an accomplice to those who are perpetuating it.
And that’s a privilege; not given by God because you are #blessed, but taken at the expense of the very humanity God created and calls his children.
It’s aligning yourself with those who were selling goods in the temple courts while Jesus was trying to flip your table.
Are you mad your table is being flipped while trying to argue with Jesus that it doesn’t need flipped because you know his name?
For 400 years the Israelites (People of Color) were taken prisoner in a foreign land. For 400 years Black people have been prisoners in our land both in chains and now lack of equal rights and access.
What side of righteousness will we stand on? Are our hearts hardened like Pharaoh’s? Are we using BIPOC labor and blood to build our cities, towers, monuments and empires?
We’ve been given the handbook to how this ends. We claim to align ourselves with Christ. Yet we are still in Egypt sitting on a throne with a hardened heart telling them if only they would work harder, or just listen and obey they could enjoy the oppression we have forced upon them.
It is difficult for me to sit in the temple of God… the church… when I see so many who are turning a blind eye.
My faith isn’t tested. In fact, it’s strengthened.
But my relationships are.
This isn’t political. This is moral. This is about ethics. And it is crushing to see so many whom I love remain naive’, ignorant, and perpetuate harmful rhetoric and dialogue that is easy instead of sitting in the uncomfortable places of personal deconstruction, learning, and regrowth through education.
Maybe it’s time these conversations start affecting our relationships.
Maybe losing relationships will be the Moses some of you need.

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