Baby Jesus

Post Christmas reflections:

Jesus was born as a baby and it was a precious story that makes us joyful, grateful, and verklempt.

The oppressors want you to like the baby Jesus best.
Timid. Infantile. Helpless. Malleable. Opinionless. Voiceless.

But Jesus grew up.

He ran away from his parents. He left home.
He wandered in a desert.He shunned societal expectations.
He left the church. He marched in the streets. He made friends of whores, the homeless, the mentally ill, the contagiously sick, the immigrants, the disabled, the rejected, the LGBTQ +.
He flipped some tables.
He was a criminal on death row.
He died to bring justice to the oppressed.

Happy Post Christmas.
Let’s remember what Jesus did in between Christmas and Easter.
I think sometimes we forget because it’s easier to either believe in a baby Jesus or a Jesus risen and gone who can’t speak for themselves directly.

I like the adult Jesus the most. He was a brown skinned liberal immigrant that got shit done.

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