I am more than just a hashtag.

I am more than a cute photo on a website or a pamphlet.

I’m more than a photo in a profile.


I am more than the possibilities for your family. I am more than cute onesies and hats.
I am more than how full your quiver will look and how cute I will make your family portraits.

#quiverfull #gotchaday I am more than the laughter and the joy that I will bring your family.

I am a soul embodied in flesh.

I am the child of past generations whose history I carry in my skin and bones.

It’s their blood pulsing through my veins no matter…

No matter if you change my name or my culture…


No matter how many hashtags you assign to this photo of us.

No matter how open my adoption is… I am more than just a marketing tool.


Adoption left me with less.

Adoption left my parents with less. Even in reunification.

More family, more love doesn’t graft over the primal wound.


Love is not self-seeking they say.

What is love if we only love ourselves.

Yet I’m the one who comes last in my own story.

I bury my pain as my parents carry the mantles of hero and savior.

I am more than a hashtag.
I am more than the baby with the big chubby cheeks. I am more than story of what you saved or rescued me from.

I am the child and I grew up.

Yet you still silence my voice with a hashtag.

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