Legal Does Not Equal Ethical

In Boulder, Colorado you cannot move boulders.
In Connecticut, you may only use silly string in the privacy of your own home.
In Illinois, you cannot fall asleep in a cheese shop.
Iowa takes butter seriously. You cannot call fake butter “butter.”In Minnesota, you can’t throw a chicken unless you intend to catch it.
In Nebraska,if you start a performance on a stage, you have to finish it. The show must go on.
In North Carolina, you can only play 10 hours of Bingo each week.
In Pennsylvania you can’t catch a fish with your mouth
In Oregon you can’t throw your own poop out a moving car.
In Tennessee, you may not use someone else’s Netflix account.
In my own state, it is still illegal to swear in front of women or children.

In many states it is illegal to remove a puppy from their mother until they are 6-9 weeks old.
Yet in many states a mother can relinquish her rights in 24 hours.
It is legal to charge less for a Child of Color or disabled child in adoption.
In several states it is still legal to sell your baby through newspaper ads and website ads.
A mother can not list the biological father on a birth certificate or adoption placement. It is legal in most states to deny the adoptee access to their foster and adoption paperwork, documents, birth certificates, and family medical history.The “rehoming” of an adoptee for any reason is still unregulated.
It is legal to discriminate against same-sex or single parents.
Marketing in the adoption industry has very little regulation.
In most states, pre-adoptive education has very little regulation.

Let me make this very clear.


All of these things listed above are COERCION.
Adoptive parents, you are being manipulated, lied to, marketed to, whitewashed, and purposefully being uneducated. Mostly though spiritual bypassing and gaslighting at the expense of the Adoptees and the Birth/First Parents. EVEN IN FOSTER CARE.

You WILL be held accountable by your adoptee.
And the repercussions in the relationship will be on you, not the industry.
Your good intentions do not nullify unethical practices.

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