Ramblings of a Former Missionary

Life lessons learned from a former missionary:
(No really. I have a degree in it.)

Is it God calling or….
Are you just bored?
Are you just unsure of what to do next?
Are you looking to fill a hole in your life?
Are you just unsatisfied with where you are at now?

Is it God calling or…
Do you just need a break?
Do you just in need an adventure?
Do you feel overwhelmed?
Do you feel tired or depressed?
Do you just want attention?

Is it God calling or….
Did someone fail you?
Did you just experience a loss?
Did you get it wrong the first time around?
Did you do what was expected?

Is it God calling or…
Are you changing?
Are you growing?
Are you deconstructing?
Are you scared?

Is it God calling or…
Is it social/cultural/family expectation?
Is it social/cultural/family pressure?
Is this not what you expected?
Is it God at all?
Or is it your brain or body trying to communicate with you?

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