Welcome! My name is Andie. A self-proclaimed trauma evangelist and adoption activist, I speak through the lens of trauma as an adoptee, a foster parent, an adoptive parent, and a sexual abuse survivor in context of Motherhood and marriage (and everything in between because everything to do with motherhood gets in between my marriage!) As a creator, a writer, a speaker en route to my Master of Social Work, my future goals are to elevate awareness of trauma and its effects through the position of an educating therapist, writer, speaker, and activist.

In my personal life I am the Director of Operations, Relations & Waste Management at Just Coston Along, inc. (A.K.A. my house).  I have married to my ex-boyfriend’s best friend for 13 years. We currently have four strong-willed slightly feral (who am I kidding, they are fully feral) kids ranging from ages 2-9. Each of our kids have plans to take over the world. Unfortunately, they seem to always conflict with their sibling’s plans. Translation: They keep us busy, on our toes, and slightly confused at all times. We also have two wiener dogs named Daisy Duke Banana and Long John Custard. Our family likes to take on home renovation projects (both necessary and unnecessary), take random day trip adventures, creating, not committing to plans (because kids) and going on Carries (which is just a family walk that ends in carrying kids whose legs have seized up or stopped functioning all together. )

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