About Me

My name is Andie, your mental health trauma momma.  I am Director of Operations, Relations & Waste Management at JustCostonAlong inc. I am married to my ex-boyfriend’s best friend. I currently have four kids. Two boys, and two girls.  We also have two wiener dogs named Daisy Duke Banana and Long John Custard.

I’d like to write a book one day, but as of now, blogs are the only thing I can scribble down in between diaper changes, my herd’s feeding times, and grad school homework. This blog is a hodgepodge and an ever-growing and changing creature.

I write about my own experiences as an adoptee, an adoptive parent, as a sexual abuse survivor. I write about mental health and foster parenting. I write about Motherhood and marriage and everything in between because everything to do with motherhood gets in between my marriage. I am a raconteur of real raw life. I promise I’ll not lie to you or make it pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows… wait… that’s a kids song. Crap. Now it’s stuck in my head.

I write when and what I can for those who also dream of eventually being able to actually sit down and read a paragraph all the way through without getting interrupted by demands of life.

Currently, I’m sure it’s my Mom and the three friends I force to read this blog.

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