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Interestingly enough, I have spent my whole life advising people on adoption. Let’s be honest. When people would find out, hear (or over hear in the grocery store check out line that I was adopted), they would start asking questions immediately. Even as a teen, my parent’s friends who were thinking of adopting, or already had, would ask me questions and my advice on different topics.

Now, as an adult, I unintentionally have fallen into a space where I am able to move those experiences into practice here with you.

While I see the world primarily through the lens of an adoptee, I also am an adoptive parent having adoped through the foster care system. With these combined experiences, I am able to offer you a well-rounded and practical voice to connect with you in your own experiences as an adoptee, a hopeful adoptive parent, an adoptive parent, or a foster parent.


“This Lady knows things.

Becca H

Andie’s voice in particular is unlike any other. She is hilarious, honest, transparent, raw, bold, and at times, challenging to our adoptive parent fragility (heaven forbid). Most importantly, her voice is necessary for us to understand the complexities that exist within every single adoption story. We will be better and healthier parents/people for sitting at her feet

– Anonymous Adoptive Mother

Andrea has one of the most unique adoption perspectives which makes her insight extremely valuable. She does a great job of not shying away from hard things without saying them harshly. We are better adoptive parents since we have been learning from her.

– Stephen

What is included in the price:

  • A 50 min phone call to discuss your specific questions or situation.
  • Goal setting pertaining to the questions or situation discussed in the call.
  • A Plan of Action with attainable steps breaking down the goals set.
  • A follow up e-mail with a summary of the goals set, plan of action, as well as any relevant recommended resource or tool suggestions.
  • COMING SOON! Bonus content specifically for advising clients! (Will be made available to past clients when complete!)

What I cannot do:

  • Discuss identifying medical information.
  • Diagnose or treat medical or mental health conditions.
  • Recommend an agency or consultant.
  • Speak specifically on Transracial Adoption.
  • Speak to specific state laws.

After reading the Terms and Conditions, please click on your choice of advising below to be taken to the payment page. Upon completing your payment you will be sent an e-mail with a link to my Calendly to schedule your session. If you are simply donating to my scholorship fund for Adoptee Mentorship, then you do not need to book a time.
Thank you!

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