"Celebration cannot come without grief." "There cannot be a high without a low." "Mountains are created and leave valleys." "In order for there to be a top there must be a bottom." "What goes up, must come down."   Yesterday I was honored to witness and celebrate with a family as they closed their foster … Continue reading Raw

Good Morning Gill!

My Mother in Law (of all people!) shared this quote with me the other day. Ironically it was a day my trauma thinking was sabotaging a pretty big decision. Elizabeth Elliott wrote after going back to the camp where she lost her husband, “Do the next thing.” Somewhere along the lines, whether it was Teddy … Continue reading Good Morning Gill!

A Formulated Response:

A few days ago on my personal page I posted a short emotion fueled rant about how Mother’s usually get the short end of the stick and how they lay down (willingly) their dreams for their families. What surprised me is that I got several responses where it was assumed I was ungrateful. This was … Continue reading A Formulated Response:

Of Mistakes and Men.

I have a story to tell you. I want to preface first that in one blog cannot a life memoir make. Meaning, one story, one anecdote, one portion of a conversation does not in any way touch the mine field of this topic. This is one small snippet to a much larger conversation that contains … Continue reading Of Mistakes and Men.

Pooper Scooper

This past two weeks I have moved the cat’s liter box all over our 900 sq.ft. trying to find a place it fits. It doesn’t matter where I move it. They always go straight to it. They don’t even have to search. They go. And I know this isn’t my usual line of writing, but … Continue reading Pooper Scooper

It’s bigger on the inside.

I am LOVING these little encouragements. The mother of a man I went to youth group with way back in high school recently gave me this tiny, but thick book filled with simple quotes, phrases and encouragements. I’ve since cut up the book (it took an hour with a blade and a photo trimmer) and … Continue reading It’s bigger on the inside.

Hikes and Handrails

I’m not sure if it was running into a friend who is undergoing chemo for breast cancer, or if it was the Autumn hike that I knew she would have enjoyed, or if it’s the realization that it’s been over a year since I’ve seen her... But today she kept popping into my mind. And … Continue reading Hikes and Handrails