Pharaoh and the Pharisees

Ignoring the unrest in our country due to systematic and industrial oppression magnified by covert racism in order to keep your life comfortable and unchanged doesn’t make you free.It makes you an accomplice to those who are perpetuating it.And that’s a privilege; not given by God because you are #blessed, but taken at the expenseContinue reading “Pharaoh and the Pharisees”

Let your heart break.

a. Describe your reaction to the courage and conviction demonstrated by Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.
This story has always been one of my favorite Bible Stories. I have always been a people pleaser and a follower. I was always in awe of their faith, strength, and conviction. I still am mesmerized to this day at how God literally showed up in their life and how that changed a country and a culture.
b. What do you think about the idea that we are most motivated to fight for things we believe are true? How have you seen this in life? What role should God and the Bible play in helping us to determine what is true?
The idea that we are most motivated to fight for things we believe are true is true. I see this in my activism in adoption daily. Each part of the triad is seeking to fight for the things they see on their sides of the trauma. Each fight may be legitimate, but it is because it is the truth they have personally known, experienced, and seen.
Our relationship with God should also be part of the reason we stand up and fight for what we know is true. The Bible is his Word showing us how to do that. By keeping up I our relationship with God and keeping ourselves in the Bible we can continue to hear from God as well as continue to learn how to apply that to our lives.
c. In working with an agency or client, when might taking a stand for what is true be more important to you than a policy, a law, or a cultural belief? Give an example and describe how you might respond or make your case based on the NASW Code of Ethics.
I believe when the worth of a human is being overlooked by policy, laws, or cultural beliefs it is vital to stand up for what is right. We are seeing that as racial issues are being brought to light in our country. These are not new issues; they have just been exposed again. We see many who are choosing to stand up for what is right over everything else. The obvious NSAW standard for this is the inherent worth of a human being (National Association of Social Workers, 2017). I believe this standard trumps all others. It is the basis of why we work and fight as social workers to achieve positive outcomes.
If one of my student’s needs are being overlooked in order to create a smoother running classroom, or a student’s mental health is being ignored over behavioral issues etc., I will speak up for these students and make sure their core issues are being met. If we are not meeting these core issues and traumas as educators, we play a role in setting these students up for failure, or less success because we did not meet them where they were at.
d. What do you currently do to pursue an understanding of truth besides considering your own ideas, experiences, friends, and feelings? What issues do you need to further explore in your understanding of the truth to be prepared for master’s level social work? What action steps will you take to help resolve your questions in these areas?
I currently am placing myself into uncomfortable conversations about current issues in our country, as well as in my own adoption advocacy. I believe listening to others expands our knowledge and gives us the knowledge to expand or change our beliefs. I believe stepping into theses uncomfortable places is the living out of the Bible verse where it talks about “Iron sharpening Iron (Proverbs 27:17, NIV).”
Right now I am focusing a lot on systemic issues. In both racism and in the adoption industry, there are massive systematic issues that allow for the oppression, marginalization, and exploitation of people. Just this week Paul Peterson plead guilty to human trafficking of Birth Mothers and Babies for profit in the adoption industry. I am taking action steps in my own racism by reading, signing petitions, in my voting, and hopefully one day I can help work directly in policy changes that will affect systematic racism. I am pursuing the same in the adoption industry.


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