This year Andie is able to offer her insight through speaking. If you are interested in booking her for your event, please contact her using one of the ways below or filling out the form.


At this time, during her degree program, Andie is unable to consult. Please check back January 2021.

Interviews, Guest Blogs, Advocacy, and Collaborations:

Andie is always interested in collaborations through Interview, Guest Blogs, Advoacy, and Collaborations. Currently she can speak and contribute from her own experience. At this time she is not able to speak from a clinical perspective. Beginning in Janurary 2021 she will be able to speak and contribute fom both her own experience as well as from a clinical perspective.
If you are interested in collaborating please contact Andie using one of ways below or filling out the form.

Snail Mail:E-Mail:Phone:
Andrea Coston
PO BOX 701
East Jordan, MI.

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