Session Information:


In our call I will offer recommendation as to where you can get further and continuing education depending on your need or situation. Continuing education is key in adoption.


Building a healthy adoption requires finding the right tools that work for you. Sometimes it can be difficult to wade through everything that is available, or you simply don’t know of tools available. In our call I will recommend tools that are applicable to your needs or situation. 


Resources are what we lean on. This can be everything from books, a therapist, or a community. Part of our call will be giving you tips to finding resources in your local area as well as nationally. 

What I do not cover:

There are several areas I do not speak to nor have lived experience in.

  • I cannot discuss or diagnose a physical or mental health diagnose. I can give you advice on how to find a good clinician to diagnose.
  • I cannot counsel or do therapy. I can give you advice on how to find Counselor or Therapist that will match your needs. 
  • I do not speak specifically about Trans-racial Adoption. I can point you to several trans-racial adoptees who offer mentoring, advising, or consultation. 

Let’s Chat!

Booking a session includes:

  • An introductory e-mail with a short preliminary questionnaire.
  • A 1-hour phone call in which we will discuss action steps, goals, or a plan for your unique situation or need.
  • A follow up e-mail including those action steps and a short follow up survey.

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