Pooper Scooper

This past two weeks I have moved the cat’s liter box all over our 900 sq.ft. trying to find a place it fits. It doesn’t matter where I move it. They always go straight to it. They don’t even have to search. They go.

And I know this isn’t my usual line of writing, but it made me think.

Do you sometimes feel like people, situations, life seem to always be pooping on you? Do you sometimes feel like a liter box? It doesn’t seem to matter where you move, or what job you have or what life situation you are in, you just alway seem to get pooped on?

Have you ever considered that you are a liter box?

I know. I know how it sounds, but it’s a real thing! I know because I’ve met these kinds of people. They never understand why these things happen to them, meanwhile we are all shaking our heads going, “I know why!”

I used to have this person in my life who when you asked them how things were going they would reply with a, “It’s good.” BUT then we would wait for the next sentence which was then a revelry of complaints, negative circumstances and whining. It became a game. Those behind this person would wait for the second sentence and mouth the words to the rest of us, “There it is…” while making a bomb dropping motion. ( I know REAL mature Andie. Never said I was perfect.) These people let themselves become liter boxes, and then the smell seeps over into other areas of their lives.

Now. This doesn’t mean if you are going through a bad situation or moment in life that you are a liter box. Sometimes good people get pooped on. But it’s worth examining. Just to make sure.

Don’t let yourself be someone’s literbox. Don’t be the person people dump their complaints on. Don’t say yes to keep the peace. Don’t throw yourself under the bus just to appease the people around you. Don’t shut your light off so someone else can turn theirs on.

And for PETE’S SAKE. Don’t let other people poop on you just so the rest of the house can stay clean!

Just no.

Don’t just get an air freshener to cover up the fact that you are a liter box.

No. Throw off the box. Get out of the box!

Girlfriend. You are a Tiffany’s Box. Not a liter box.

Treat yourself like one.

Maybe you have to scoop the poop out before you can change your box. Maybe you have a serial pooper who you need to set boundaries for so they will poop somewhere else.

It may take time, but I hope that one day you look in the mirror and you see the beauty I see underneath the liter.

And I hope on that day you get online and get yourself a Tiffany’s Blue Box so you can remember how precious and beautiful you are.

Just the box though. I mean. Let’s be real about our budgets right? Maybe just print out a picture of a blue box. I didn’t even do that. Our printer is out of ink. I totally just took a screen shot. Is that illegal? Oh please Tiffany’s don’t sue me! All I wanted was a box!

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