I lived so long surrounded by a shroud of unholiness that confined me into someone I was not. I have spent so long living into what I’ve been told is holy.
From blind obedience to authority.
To purity culture.
To capitalistic productivity.
To marital submission.

At the end of every one of those roads I found death…of my faith, my relationships, my identity, my body…

These were the narrow roads meant to lead me to reflecting God’s holiness.
The “To-Do” and the “Not-To-Do” lists that kept me in line with the Devine.
Yet, Conforming and comporting to this tiny little niche of what it meant to reflect God’s holiness was control. Not life.

Has God in all his vastness, perfection, and creativity only created this one tiny little dot on the grander of His holiness for us to reflect?
God is not limited, but He has been limited.

My brother has taught me that one can be so counter to the church’s ideas of God’s holiness, and still reflect God’s holiness.
“I feel closer to God at the top of the snow hill on my snowboard than I do in the wooden church pews,” he said once to my Mother.

He sees the grander of God’s holiness, the vastness, how showing up for God means bringing a still heart in the spaces where we feel our souls rise and fall.

Adam stood on mountaintops with God.
He looked around at how vast and diverse God’s creation was. How the whole Earth; teaming with a spectrum of life was so holy.
Yet God was looking at Adam and all of humanity in him; at how vast, diverse and teaming with a spectrum of life was so holy because it bore His own image.

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”

The camel doesn’t care about the To-Do” and the “Not-To-Do” lists that might keep it from God. The Camel is just with Him.
It is the rich man and his To-Do” and the “Not-To-Do” lists who has narrowed God’s grander to lists. These are the people who will miss the point completely.

God said to Moses, “Take off your shoes. You are on holy ground. I am who I am.”

We reflect God’s holiness simply because we are who we are.

Take off your shoes and just be with Him.

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