Yes Man

Can I love my Adoptive Family and my Biological Family?
Can I be grateful for being adopted and also wish I wasn’t?Yes.

Can I love my Birth Parent and still hold them accountable?

Can I love my Adoptive Parents and still need to reparent myself?

Can I find joy in my life and still suffer from trauma?

Can I find joy in my adopted child and still grieve for her broken family?Yes.

Can I fight for adoption and foster care reform and still believe in adoption?
Can I love God deeply and struggle with the way the church has harmed me?

Can I vote liberally and still be a Christian and pro-life?

Can I love my children and still get overwhelmed and triggered by them?

I, and other adoptees, say all the time that adoptees live in the “in-between.”
Yet. Every day we come up against people in the adoption community who just cannot seem to wrap their minds around the idea that we can be “both and.”I am not sure if this is a result of Patriarchal American Capitalistic Individualism, a lack of critical thinking, or the ability to step outside of ourselves and into someone else’s shoes…

I just don’t know.

But I can tell you it is one of the most exhausting parts of this work. Constantly being boggled that there are Adoptive Parents, Professionals, and Birth Families that absolutely cannot understand that adoptees live in the in-between.
Constantly having to show up remind, educate, and defend our lived experience of being in the in-between.

Adoptees can’t do it alone. I did some rough math and IF all my followers were JUST 2020 Adoptive Parents, I would only be reaching .021% of them.
Our community here is a small niche. There are MILLIONS of Adoptive Parents, Birth Families, and Professionals out there who are NOT being reached with our education.
We need you.
We need you out there being the extension of what we do here. We need you to hold others accountable. We need you to raise the bar. We need you to set the new standard.

Your job is to meet us in the middle where you all placed us when you said yes.

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